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13 Tips

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13 TIPS To Look and Feel Better Than Ever

Changing bad habits is not easy.  If it were, we would all be perfect right. Are you perfect? I know I’m not even close. But I strive everyday, not for perfection but improvement. You know what? That’s really the answer. Improvement. A constant desire to enrich our minds and bodies. This may sound a bit clique but health and fitness is not a destination it is a path. Here are some tips that successful people use to lose weight and feel great. Try them out and continually strive for improvement.


Okay, for many people this is a big problem.  Water doesn’t taste all that great generally
because water doesn’t really “taste” like anything.  Drinking water 8 to 10 times each
day gets easier the more you actually do it.  It is simply a matter of conditioning your
taste buds, and yourself,so that it becomes easier to do.  Once you get started, you will
begin to crave water.    


To begin with, you should drink a glass of water in the morning first thing, before you eat.  Your body is dehydrated from your long nights sleep. If you can drink this first glass cold. That lower temperature can be a nice little kick start to your metabolism. This is probably the easiest glass you will drink all day and it will help you remember to drink water all day long.  Better yet, why not drink two glasses? You can also add a few drops of lemon or lime to your water – but no sugar or sweetener!  Ice also helps. Check out flavored waters on the market, too. Just keep an eye out for additives.




Do not skip breakfast.  If you need to go to bed a little earlier so that you can get up 20

minutes earlier each morning – do it!  Breakfast is so important to your good health and

to weight control.  According to Dr. Barbara Rolls a professor of nutrition at Penn State

University, “Your metabolism slows while you sleep, and it doesn’t rev back up until you

eat again.”  


Eating breakfast is not only good for overall weight loss, it will help you stay on track

with your diet the rest of the day.  You are more likely to binge on something sweet and

in the “bread” group if you skip breakfast.   


You can always keep a couple of hard‐boiled eggs in the fridge or some high‐fiber, low

starch fruit around.  If you plan to eat fruit at all during the day, breakfast is the perfect

time to do it.



This can be one of the hardest adjustments to make.  After all, you are busy!  You

already have a “full‐plate”.  When do you have time to worry about filling your plate

with more frequent meals?

Just like eating breakfast will increase your metabolism, so will eating more often.  This

will also help you curb your bad‐carb intake by making sure that your snacks are

planned and occur regularly throughout the day.  

Really, it will just take a minimal investment of planning time at the grocery store and at

home each morning before you head out for the day to make some healthy food choices

and prepare a few healthy snacks and meals.    



This is one easy way to remember what not to eat.  If it is made from sugar, flour,

potatoes, rice or corn ‐ just say no.  Remembering this rule of thumb will make it easier

to recognize those rice cakes as an unhealthy high‐carb snack.


Always look for colorful fruits and veggies to substitute for the white ones.  Buy broccoli,

lettuce, bell peppers, green beans and peas, brown rice in moderation, leafy greens like

kale and spinach, apples, melons, oranges and grapes.  


These foods are not only colorful they are also high in fiber, nutrients and important

antioxidants.  Eating colorful fruits and vegetables will give your diet variety as well as

give you added health benefits.




It is so easy to use a low‐carb diet as an excuse for poor nutrition.  Resist this

temptation.  If the only vegetable you have eaten in the last 5 years has been the

potato, now is a good time to begin experimenting with other vegetables.  This is

important for your overall health and to avoid some nasty side effects of not getting

enough fiber in your diet.  


If you try hard enough, you will find vegetables that you enjoy eating.  Experiment with

grilling veggies and cooking with real butter to add flavor.  You can also search for new

recipes on the Internet or in cookbooks.   


Remember, if you are only eating 40 grams of carb a day or less, two cups of plain salad

greens contain only about 5 grams of carbohydrate.   You have no excuse not to eat

your veggies.



While more and more restaurants are offering low‐carb friendly menu items, many of

them are still not ideal low‐carb fare.  There are many recipes for quick and easy meals

that you can prepare yourself at home. Try to do this as often as possible.


If you cook your own foods, you know exactly what the contents are and you will be

able to better control for hidden sugar and otherwise processed foods.


Another benefit is the cost savings over the long run.  Even if you must go to the grocery

store more often, you will save a significant amount per meal as opposed to eating at

restaurants and fast food establishments.


It will also be easier to maintain your diet with your own favorite fresh food selections

on hand.   





Having food storage containers of various sizes on hand will make it so much easier for

you to plan your meals and snacks.  When you buy nuts, fruits and vegetables in bulk

you can simply prepare, separate and store them for easy use later.


For instance, you can pre‐slice your apples and snack on them over several days.  Simply

cut them, rinse them in pineapple or lemon juice and store.  This will make a quick and

easy snack for later.  


Fix your lunch and take it with you to work.  Better yet, fix your lunch and 2 snacks for




In addition to everything that’s been discussed before, eating protein helps you burn

more calories. Jeff Hample, Ph.D., R.D., a spokesman for the American Dietetic

Association says that, “Protein is made up mainly of amino acids, which are harder for

your body to breakdown, so you burn more calories getting rid of them.”  Just think – eating a protein rich snack can help you lose weight.  How about a few slices

of turkey or ham or some string cheese?

Eating protein will also help you feel full so that you are less likely to crave unhealthy





This will help you get in your 8 to 10 glasses of water each day but it can also have other

benefits.  Ever feel hungry after eating a handful or standard serving of nuts?  Try

drinking water afterwards.  The water will help you feel full and prevent overindulgence.

Drinking water after a snack will also help remove the aftertaste from your mouth and

can help curb your desire for more.




You will feel full and more satisfied if you take the time to savor your food and chew it

slower.  Don’t get in the habit of eating while standing or eating quickly.  Sit down and



Eating slower will help you enjoy your food more, pay attention to what it is you are

actually eating and get a better sense of when you are actually full.  





You will feel better and lose weight quicker if you eat a large breakfast and eat a smaller

dinner.  You may also want to eat the majority of your carbs earlier in the day, saving a

salad and lean meat protein for dinner.  


Eating larger meals during the part of the day when you are most active will help you to

feel satisfied throughout the day and curb cravings for unhealthy snacks.





Yes this may seem odd, but it is one way to work in Omega‐3 fatty acids that are good

for you and add some variety to your daily diet.  After a few months you may tire of

eating eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Substituting fish will give you the protein and

healthy fish oils you need.  You can try canned salmon or mackerel in croquettes for a healthier sausage substitute.  


Or you could simply eat cold leftover salmon the next morning with dill sauce.  




This tip can seem a bit odd at first but if you try it you will probably grow to love it.  

Instead of eating breads and buns with your sandwiches and hamburgers, why not try

leaves of lettuce?   


You can make a double cheeseburger with onions, pickles and tomato wrapped in a

whole lettuce leaf.  Or you can make tasty wrap sandwiches with lettuce instead of

tortilla and bread.


This will help increase your good carb and fiber intake while giving you more variety in

your diet.

What Are You Doing Right Now?

Before we get into to todays topic I want to make sure you know about our 28 Day Fitness Challenge that is launching next Monday 1/26. Just by getting stronger, losing weight, & getting friends and family in the Challenge you could win a iPad Mini and other great

Mindfulness, have you been hearing this term more lately? What does it mean to us and our lives? mindfulness-graphic
Mindfulness can be defined as “the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment.”
Presence can be very elusive to us nowadays. Social media, phones, kids, work, spouses you name it all vie for our time and attention. With all these distractions how do we stay in the present? There’s no real trick to it other than practice and commitment.
Try this right now:
– Take stock of your surroundings, are you sitting/standing? How does the chair or the ground beneath your feet feel?
– Is there wind on your face? The Sun? How does your skin feel?
– Take a mental picture. Pick out 3-5 distinct details about the moment you are in RIGHT NOW. Commit to remembering those details within the context of that particular moment. CREATE A MEMORY.
I have done this, with varying degrees of success, throughout my life. The first time I consciously tried this practice I was waiting for an order of a slice of pepperoni pizza, at the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia CA, the entrance doors to the mall were on my right, a watch store was behind me.
I was 16 at the time and working at a cards and gifts store called Bravo. What is so fascinating about this memory is that it has no other significance or importance to my life than the memory itself. In fact I had stood in that spot and ordered that exact same slice of pizza probably a hundred times over the years that I worked at Bravo (Pizza? I was 16 what do you expect?)
The takeaway is, of course we want to remember as many details of the significant occurrences in our lives. But don’t discount the small memories and times in your life. The small times are what make up the significant percentage of our lives.
– Be ALIVE in each moment
– Find the beauty in small quiet times
– Make memories
The clarity and focus it brings will astound you and help you reach goals that may seem unattainable at the time.
Come be a part of our 28 Day Challenge. Nothing like sweating your butt off with friends to put you in the moment!
Take Action & Have Fun,
Greg Finch
Chief Motivational Officer
Surf Strong Fitness & Studio Fitness
(805) 776 3676

Health and Weight Loss Effects of the Standard American Diet

You may not consider your diet extreme but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an extreme affect on your body and  health. If you eat the typical American diet, more often referred to as the S.A.D (Standard American Diet), it may be hard to understand why your eating habits are causing your health issues and discomfort. After all, isn’t this what everyone else is eating too?

Sure, it is, but it’s making everyone else sick too.

Your body draws energy from the things that you feed it, and what you eat can have a large impact on your health, changing it in profound ways. If you feed it with optimal foods and vitamins, it will function at its best; however, if you choose to feed yourself poorly, your body will have no option but to perform poorly as well. When your body is functioning poorly, it makes you feel unhealthy and you often get sick.

It is no longer just Americans being affected by this diet.

As Western Influences begin to spread across other parts of the world, our diet is carried with them. As they do, a once robust and healthy population will begin to experience the same illness and sick feelings that Americans are known to possess. In fact, the more other cultures adopt a Standard American Diet over a traditional diet, the sicklier they become.

Dr. John McDougall, the author of “The McDougall Plan”, has first-hand experiences from when he began his medicine practice in Hawaii. He initially noticed that the first and second generation Asian Americans were slimmer and healthier than those he saw afflicted with Western Diseases. Once these people began adapting to American eating habits however, they quickly began to suffer from chronic ailments that are now quite commonplace like heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

What is the S.A.D. Diet?

The Standard American Diet is characterized by the following factors:

  • High in unhealthy fats

  • High in saturated and hydrogenated fats

  • Low in Fiber

  • High in animal fats

  • High in processed foods

  • High in refined flours

  • High in refined sugars

  • Low in complex carbs and whole grains

  • Low in plant-based foods

These items show up in a diet as cereals, processed meats, pastas, packaged and processed foods, dessert foods like cakes and cookies, fried foods, fast foods and dairy foods. The reason this diet is even called “standard” at all, is that it’s what everyone eats, not because it’s the standard, or healthy. If you don’t eat this way, people probably think you’re crazy and often call you a “health nut.”

What are the consequences of eating the typical American Diet?

You might be interested to learn that the effects of eating the S.A.D. are often the same conditions that we frequently associate with ‘normal’ aging. Due to a poor diet, patients often present with symptoms of heart disease, cancers, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, brain-fog, headaches, low energy, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, Alzheimer’s disease and even Dementia.

If you are like most, you may not have even considered that many of these issues may have a cause aside from aging. Similarly, you may not know that in most cases, these problems can be prevented.

The Answer? If you can, detox your body, feed it what it needs and continue to exercise regularly, you can achieve optimal health for your body.

What is Detoxing?

After so many years of putting toxic foods into your body, it’s important to know that you have the ability to clean your system of these impurities, decreasing the inflammation and stress that ensue as a result. Of course, toxins don’t come only from the food that we eat; we also breathe them in and rub them onto our skin when we use personal products with harsh chemicals.

The good news is that through a proper detoxification, you can lighten your toxicity within your body and remove yourself from the attack that you’re constantly under. This can be done naturally without the use of harsh medicines, which can further stress your body.

The Studio Fitness 21 Day Detox Challenge is a really great way to start cleansing your body and remove toxins from within. By removing the impurities in your body and replacing them with life-sustaining nutrients, you can begin to alleviate and avoid chronic diseases that many in our country (and around the world) currently suffer from.


Jill Finch MA, NESTA Nutrition Coach
(805) 776 3676

7 Tips For a Good Night’ Sleep

Below are 7 great tips on a good night sleep from our partners at Precision Nutrition.

I would like to add as THEE most important approach to good sleep is what we like to call “Positive Exhaustion” – Energy expended in a physically demanding yet enjoyable way (Preferably an activity you are very passionate about). This Positive Exhaustion not only works the body but also needs to challenge and please the mind.

This challenge and physical expenditure can make huge improvements to Stress Reduction, proper Hormone Levels, and gives us a different perspective on what is going on in our lives.

If you have a consistent physical activity you are passionate about, cherish it, support it, and keep it a priority. If you don’t, find support to stay consistent in a physical activity. 

7 Sleep Tips From The Pros at Precision Nutrition:
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What is Your Why

What drives you to stay focused and on track?

What is your powerful reason why?

Thinking through what your why is and coming up with a short, memorable mission statement to give you a kick of motivation when you need it is extremely powerful.

When you have a weak moment your mission statement will give you a boost. Part of getting the results you want is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling you’ll Continue reading

The Fitness Myth Scourge

In today’s media heavy world we are plagued by misinformation; paralyzed by myths and restrictive approaches that hurt our attempts to become healthier.

As a health professional to empower anyone to believe and accept that they can live a better life-regardless of whom they are, where their from, or their level of fitness takes a tremendous amount of work.

We live in a world where being “healthy” is viewed as a painful and arduous sacrifice because people have been taught that “diet” and exercise is only for people who are already fit or have endless free time to spend in the gym. (By the way diet is the Continue reading

My Personal Struggles in Fitness

I get this a lot at parties and gatherings, “you must just love to work out and owning Studio Fitness it’s probably really easy to get it done”.


Those that know me know my love of surfing pretty much supersedes everything else besides friends and family. So when the surf is firing, yep, I get all the training and exercise I need and then some. Even my flexibility program steps up so I don’t tighten down from all the hours in the ocean.


When the surf is on I can be out of bed before 5 and surf for 2-3 hours without a thought towards motivation. Then the surf goes flat & so does my fitness program. My Continue reading

Brussell Sprouts with Shallots


• 2 large shallots, peeled, quartered
• salt and pepper
• 1 1/2 pounds brussels sprouts, outer leaves removed, trimmed, halved
• 1-2 tablespoons juice from jarred dill pickles or lemon juice
• 1 tablespoon ghee, divided
• 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided
• salt
• pepper


Heat sauté pan on medium-high. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1/2 tablespoon of butter to pan to melt. Once melted, add shallots and let brown for about 8-10 minutes. While shallots are cooking, clean and trim brussel sprouts and slice in half. Once shallots are crispy, set aside. Add remaining oil and butter to sauté pan. Add brussel sprouts, season well with salt and pepper and squeeze lemon juice or pickle juice on top. Let brussel sprouts brown completely on one side before tossing to flip. This will take about 5-7 minutes. Brown the other side and then transfer to serving dish. Top with shallots.

Jill Finch is our healthy recipe guru and Certified Nutrition Coach, a Morro Bay personal fitness training studio that specializes in weight loss and body transformation. You can receive a FREE, no-obligations Fitness Success Session and consultation to experience the Studio Fitness difference for yourself.

I have a Secret

There is a secret out there that leads to instantly having a better self-image. Before we let you in on this secret, consider that poor self-image is often related to what a person looks like, namely, overall body size.

Where does this body-size-related self-image come from? Why is “thin in”? Male movie stars of many decades ago did not have the physiques they do today, with the exception of whichever actor was playing Tarzan at the time. A chiseled body on a man was an anomaly in the 1930’s, ’40s, ’50s and even ’60s.

Nowadays, a man with the body of Humphrey Bogart won’t get too far on the big Continue reading

Food Combinations For A Healthier Lifestyle

There is a lot of research that educates us on how to be fit and healthy as well as offer information on what to eat and what to avoid. Usually we end up with regurgitated material that inevitably says to eat more fruit and veggies and lay off the high caloric, high fat snacks. By now, this should be common knowledge but the newestContinue reading

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