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Enjoy Your Restaurant Experience Without Going Overboard

When you go out to that restaurant don’t wait to get your doggy bag at the end. As soon as the waitress puts the food down in front of you, cut the whole portion in half and ask her to wrap it. If you wait until the end of your meal, oftentimes you pick at it until the waitress returns and eating more than you would have otherwise.

Exercise of the day: Ball Incline Dumbbell Fly – The Ball Incline Dumbbell Fly is a great upper chest exercise utilizing the stabilizing benefits of an exercise ball.
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Let FORM – Training & Fitness design you a personalized fitness plan to keep you organized and on track. We have 3-Day Fitness Intensives, surfing focused training, and multiple other plans to get and keep you improving.

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You are what you eat

Fitness Tip: From the Earth is Best – Eat as few processed foods as possible. Aim for complex carbohydrates and natural simple sugars. This will help your body get the nutrients and energy it needs without a lot of wasted energy going towards dealing with all that is present in processed foods.

Exercise of the day: Ball Dumbbell Overhead Press – The Ball Dumbbell Overhead Press is a great way to build strong shoulders either at home or at your fitness training center.
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Greg Finch
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