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Clone of Fall Back Into Fitness Program

Did you have fun this summer?Maybe a little too much fun?

Ready to be the Best Version of YOU?

Access to unlimited Metabolic Group Training’ (Up to 6 per week)

Initial and Final Fitness Assessments

Weekly nutritional guidance & weekly weigh ins

Specific Goal Setting with Professional Coaches


Only $79 to the first 15 who sign up

This program is limited to 15 NEW members only. GRAB YOUR SPOT  (All current Studio Fitness client’s will be able to participate)

Our programs are very personalized. That is why we can only take on 15 new membersfor the Fall Fitness Challenge.  In our Fall Fitness Challenge you meet with a Fitness Coach in a group setting at least two times per week (You have access to all 6 of our Group Training’s every week). Your Coach will guide you through challenging workouts and help you to hit your fitness and health goals.

With the initial assessments including weight and various strength tests you are able to specifically track your progress. These same tests will be done at the end of the 6 weeks to analyze your new strength and fitness achievements.

This is an amazing program that is challenging yet so much fun at the same time!

HURRY! Grab one of the 15 spots available now before they are gone. Click here

If you are a current Member get those friends and family to jump on one of the spots before they are gone. Forward this e-mail to them so they can GRAB A SPOT

Get Fit & Strong before the holiday craze gets going. Let this be the Holiday season that you TOOK CONTROL of your health.




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