Remote Training Program

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Performing Sessions

Our Expert Trainers will build Customized Programs for you to complete. You also have access to a library of over 5,600 exercises and videos.

For each exercise you can enter reps, sets, weight and notes that The Studio Fitness Team can track. You get the flexibility of working out anywhere you need to be (Business trip, on vacation, at home, at work). Plus the confidence and support that comes from an expert team being with you every step of the way.

We make sure you get your workout in & being only a text, phone call, or email away you have the confidence that any questions will be answered.
Our Remote Training Program is an awesome compliment to our client’s Custom Training’ in The Studio Fitness Facilities.

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Tracking Progress

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a consistent fitness program and reaching goals is keeping track of your progress. Studio Fitness Remote Training enables seamless paperless tracking of your program. All your data is kept on your device and synced automatically back to our Team.  That way you have access from multiple platforms, including the Studio Fitness Web Based Platform.

Previous tracking history is visible, so you can see how you are progressing. Progress Graphs with on-screen PDF charts showing progress which can be emailed, printed, or shared on Social Media. What better way to see all your hard work pay off, than with interactive, visual graphs. Studio Fitness’ comprehensive Progress Graphs offer a complete range of reporting charts, based on your tracking, log and body stats entries. 

Progress Graphs also contain tap-able plot-points that allow you to see the origin of the data, quickly edit it if needed and see an updated graph in just a few seconds. The graphs time frame can be set to All, One Week, One Month, Three Months, Six Months or One Year. You can also swipe forward or backward in time on a graph to get up close for clear, quick analysis.

Exercise Progress

Exercise Progress quickly and easily translates all the exercise history for both Strength and Cardio tracking into interactive, scroll-able, color-coded graphs. Strength graphs can display Maximum Weight, Average Weigh, Total Weight, Total Reps or Estimated One Rep Max for all sets of an exercise, as well as compare the Maximum & Average weights. Cardio tracking can display the Time, Distance, Calories or Average Speed.

Body Stats Progress

Perhaps the most satisfying and motivational set of graphs is Body Stats Progress.

With a full range of body measurement tools and fitness calculators, you can easily graph changes in your Weight, BMI, BMR, Body Fat %, Blood Pressure as well as all girth measurements for waist, hip, thigh, chest, neck, upper arm and calf.

Workout Progress

Your overall Workout Progress showing how often per week you workout and for how long can be easily displayed by tapping the graph icon in the Log List.

This quick overview of your fitness dedication can really help keep you on track with a regular schedule.

Print Progress Graphs

Client’s can Print any Exercise, Workout or Body Stats Progress graph to a PDF, right from any graph screen. Not only can you independently choose which graphs to print but you can combine any number of graph types onto a single PDF. You can also print your My Photos from each stat, so you can get your before/after progress to see your true visual body changes.



Try a 21 Day $21 Test Drive

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